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Personal Coaching System for Mental Wellness | taught by Kevin Kreider
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Kevin Kreider
Kevin Kreider

About the instructor

I was picked on and told I wasn't attractive because I was skinny and Asian.

I was intolerable to be around and decided to change my body and life.

Now I'm here to help you do the same,

Kevin Kreider

Does this sound like you?

  • I'm working out but I still hate the way I look.
  • I'm working hard but I feel like it has no purpose.
  • I've been going on dates but still can't find a connection

You aren't alone. We have been taught how to approach life all wrong. It leaves us feeling less than, unfulfilled, and unhappy.

If you have ever hired a trainer and quit halfway through, switched to a new job and felt just as stuck, or struggled to find a friendship or relationship that made you feel whole than I have a life-changing secret to share with you...

You are looking in all the wrong places.

You can have a great job, the perfect relationship, an awesome body, but if you think that they alone will make you happy... that is why you have felt so stuck.

A secret that will explain why you feel stuck no matter what you try to do to feel better...

How do we know? Let's start by telling you who we are and why we took the time to create Mind>Body.

 My name is Kevin Kreider and I am an internationally recognized model and fitness trainer. If you look at my Instagram, you'll see photo shoots on the beach... beautiful people in beautiful places. You might think that everything in my life is that great and that it has always been that way...

but just a few short years ago I was so stressed out and anxious that my hair was falling out. 

What made it even worse was to everyone else my life should be great, but inside it didn't feel that way. My mental health was so bad from all of the stress and pressure that I hit a bottom and had to change. I started on a path of wellness that included more than just diet and exercise. I wanted to create Mind>Body to share with you the principles that changed my life for the better - in a way that all the trainers in the world never could.

My name is Carl Antisell and I am a nationally recognized mental health advocate. I speak to people all over the country not just about mental illness, but about mental health. We spend so much time in our lives talking about how to take care of our physical health, but we rarely talk about how to care for our mental health. My goal is to give back the hope and inspiration that was given to me because just a few short years ago I was 60 pounds overweight and so depressed I had trouble getting out of bed to go to work. The stress in my life had become so overwhelming that I felt lost and hopeless. I knew I needed to make a change, to dig deeper for something that was actually going to fill this gap I felt in my life. I had tried new jobs, new girlfriends, food, and it all left me feeling worse and more alone. I met Kevin while on this path to true wellness and am so excited to share these concepts with you as they have truly changed my life for the better.

It took us years to learn this stuff. This is a shortcut to help you get where you want to be, sooner.

The concepts in Mind>Body were collected from professionals, authors, and other thought leaders in the mental welness space. The ideas inside are meant to help build a foundation for you to grow on. Not the flimsy foundation of a good job or fatty foods. Not the kind of foundation that feels great until it cracks the second it is under pressure. This course will help set a firm footing for your journey to true wellness, of both mind and body.

Course Contents

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