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Power Body Muscle Maker and Sculpted Abs

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Ready to get CUT? Sculpted Abs and Yoga cuts through confusion and BS, giving you the most effective exercises and nutrition for 6-pack abs!

Rock out shirtless, feel like a million bucks, and never suck in again – for less than you’d spend on dinner out (which you can still enjoy on this plan).

Sculpted Abs and Yoga is the online streaming video workout program you can follow at the gym OR at home – just $49, with no expiration! Log in whenever, wherever, forever! 


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by Hugh Cha

by Hugh Cha

Kevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider

Pursue - Owner

I was someone who used to live in the gym, training hours a day, carrying a gallon water jug and never missing one of the 6 meals a day.

I was intolerable to be around. There had to be a better way.

After a 5 year absence from the industry, I found a more graceful approach that didn't include feeling deprived or anxious because I was going to miss a window for supplements and a meal.

My clients learn to eat more and train less to get results while enjoying their journey and enhancing the rest of their lives.

Sounds too good to be true?


PN1 Nutrition Certified

Exercise Science Degree

Model and Fitness Activist

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