Lean Body - Fat Fix

Lean Body - Fat Fix

12 Week In-Home Body Sculpting Program by Pursue | taught by Kevin Kreider

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Introducing an all-in-one workout and nutrition plan to do from home or on the go!

Introducing an all-in-one workout that helps you drop pounds for good!

All Lean Body: Fat Fix Programs Include – 

  • Day by Day Workout Instructions with Online Exercise Videos – available 24/7 - and Workout Tracking Sheets
  • Stretching Routines to Keep Your Body Healthy on Your Days Off  
  • Full Nutrition videos!


A 12 Week Program designed to increase muscle and reduce fat if you are just starting out or just getting back into fitness – all without having to go to the gym!

The Lean Body program is designed to increase muscle and reduce fat AT HOME or on the go – ideal for anyone who’s new to exercise, or just getting back into a fitness routine.

Lose Big!

Lose weight – then KEEP losing! -with the Beginner 

I know it sounds too good to be true, even gimmicky. But I assure you it’s not. I’ve guided my clients through this approach, and it works. They workout This should be two words – “work out” less, eat more and get results.

I was the guy slaving in the gym for 12 hours a week. I was carrying a jug of water; taking supplements almost every hour and eating 6 meals a day.

And my diet? Always "clean" food, like plain chicken and brown rice. Steamed vegetables. Egg whites. And it was expensive! Hundreds of dollars a month spent on these foods, protein shakes and supplements. I was driving myself and everyone around me crazy. 

Anytime I heard an “expert” talk about a new idea, I was quick to jump on it and add it to my already complicated regimen.

While I got the results, the journey simply wasn’t sustainable. Then I learned that simplicity was the secret.

I thought to myself, "There must be a better way." So I created Lean Body: Fat Fix to give you a simple step by step workout and nutrition plan that helps you get fit from home or on the go and doesn’t feel like such a grind. 


Here is what Hugh Cha had to say-

Simone took action, and was able to accomplish a nice hour glass shape before vacation.

Sam Tanabe wrote:

Lean Body: Fat Fix is a Complete In-Home Fitness Program that comes with all this-

An easy to follow 12 Week In-Home Workout Program – online instructional videos led by Kevin, easily streamed and available 24/7

Day by Day Workout Instructions with Exercise Videos and Workout Tracking Sheets

Day-by-day motivation, instructions, and workout tracking sheets

 -Stretching Routines to Keep Your Body Healthy on Your Days Off

 -Nutrition Plan with Meal Guides from On Point Nutrition

Kevin Kreider
Kevin Kreider
Pursue - Owner

I believe everyone can have the body they've always wanted by training smarter, not longer while enjoying life and not sacrificing the food they love guilt free.

I was someone who used to live in the gym, training hours a day, carrying a gallon water jug and never missing one of the 6 meals a day.

I was intolerable to be around. Even though I had success, I ended up resenting fitness and burnt out. There had to be a better way.

After a 5 year absence from the industry, I found a more graceful approach that didn't include feeling deprived or anxious because I was going to miss a window for supplements and a meal.

My clients learn to eat more and train less to get results while enjoying their fitness journey. Sounds too good to be true?

I once thought the same thing. When I started to have a beginner's mind, even though I was arrogant, thinking all the knowledge with a degree in exercise science was given to me, a whole new approach to having an awesome body while enjoying the process was an invaluable lesson.

Now I want to give that to you.

Fitness Activist and Personal Coach

Model and Vlogger

Course Curriculum

Recommended Equipment
How to Measure Progress
Module 1: Nutrition
Setting Up Your Macros
Intermittent Fasting
Module 2: Mindset Strategies
We Are Our Habits
Morning Rituals
Positive T.V.
Module 3: Training Program and Tools
Lean Body Training Introduction
The Tools
What About Cardio?
Double Banding
Module 4: The Lean Body Routine
The Workout Routine
Day 1 - Upper Body Week 1-4
Day 2- Super Sculpted Abs or Stretch
Day 3 - Lower Body Week 1-4
Day 4- Super Sculpted Abs or Stretch
Day 5 - Upper Body Week 1-4
Day 6 & 7- Stretch
Day 1- Upper Body Week 5-12
Day 2- Super Sculpted Abs or Stretch
Day 3- Lower Body Weeks 5-12
Day 4- Super Sculpted Abs or Stretch
Day 5- Upper Body Week 5-12
Day 6 and 7- Sculpted Abs or Stretch
Module 5: Bonus Material
Workout Tracker
Kevin's Favorite Meals
Frequently Asked Questions
OnPoint Nutrition Modifications for Women
What To Do After the Lean Body
Camera Ready Body