Personalized Physique Plan

Personal Fitness and Life Coaching

The ultimate online coaching package by Kevin with nutrition, training, mind set, and life coaching | taught by Kevin Kreider

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Course description

This is NOT a typical "Coaching program".

I show you how to look and feel your best, while helping you to create powerful habits and mind set strategies to build a strong foundation.

Coaching with Kevin will help you discover individual strategies to create

  • Nutrition for weight loss, muscle building, and mental power
  • Develop Emotional Fitness
  • Become an on-demand fitness brand

"Life isn't about find yourself. Life is about creating yourself" - George Bernard

Let's create it together!

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Kevin Kreider
Kevin Kreider

I was picked on and told I wasn't attractive because I was skinny and Asian.

I was intolerable to be around and decided to change my body and life.

Now I'm here to help you do the same,

Kevin Kreider

Course Curriculum

Start Here!
Welcome Video!
3 Pillars to Getting The Body and Health You Deserve
How to Measure Progress
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Module 1A - Nutrition
Nutrition Intro
Setting Up Your Macros
Mind Set - Expectations
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Module 1B - Training
Training Overview and Principles
Training Tools
The Training Routine for Men
Workout I - Men
Workout II - Men
The Training Routine For Women
Workout I - Women
Workout II - Women
Abs and Core
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Module 2 - Intermittent Fasting and Morning Routines
Intermittent Fasting Like a Boss
Intermittent Fasting Handbook
We Are Our Habits
Morning Rituals
Mind Set - Perfectionism
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Module 3 - Strategies to Drinking Alcohol and Troubleshooting
Drinking Strategies 101
Troubleshooting Nutrition
Yoga Routine and Key Stretches
Positive T.V.
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Module 4 - Food Prepping and Traveling
Meal Planning and Traveling
Warrior Diet
How to Track Nutrition Using Your Hand
Portion Size Template
Mind Set - Setting Your Goal
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Module 5 - Re-feed and Strategies for Sleep Quality, Restaurants and Family Fun
Restaurants and Family Fun
Strategies for Better Quality Sleep
Mind set - Comparing
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Module 6 - Supplements
Supplement Strategies and Timing
Supplement Guide
Mind Set - Will Power
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Module 7 - Maintenance & Strategies for Overeating
Maintenance - Level I Strategies
Mind Set - All or Nothing - Strategies for Overeating
Emotional Eating Journal
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Module 8 - Lean Bulking and Reverse Dieting
How to Reverse Diet
Lean Bulking Advanced Strategies
Mind Set - Patience and Adherance
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Bonus Material
Mens Workout Tracker
Women Workout Tracker
Kevin's Favorite Muscle Meals
Recommended Grocery Shop List
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What's Next?
It's Your Turn to Thrive
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